Clean the parquet

Clean the parquet and protect ​is ​important, themost material why always wood and state used for his constructions, thanks to its resistance and to facilitate the processing.
The wood is alive and its coloration varies depending on the color of the cell walls and substances present within the cells.
For this reason, the color may change with the passage of time, exposure for the fault to air or light of the sun, which can also significantly change the color of the cell walls.
The wooden floor has many qualities that make it unique, for example, offers good thermal and acoustic insulation, is very resistant to wear, is tough yet elastic at the same time.
The wood helps to create in your home and in your rooms, warm and friendly atmosphere, also it has a very long life, and if it is damaged just polish it a second time to get it back again.


The parquet surface can be treated in many ways to give an attractive appearance to the wood, and to give particular tactile sensations.
The wood it is a durable material, however, it needs to be continuously treated to be maintained at its most beautiful. For this reason it allows not to mount the wood floors from foot traffic, such as corridors, and areas in contact with water such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Clean the parquet

The wooden floor is hard to maintain in order for the light and humidity cause the loss of color, or may cause bulges ruining the surface.
It’s also very sensitive to mechanical stress and to some substances that could damage it or stain it.
Is therefore important to ensure that the parquet is in contact with liquids in general, but in particular with the more aggressive products such as alcohol or bleach, or with oil, milk or wine.

Even if the water is poured in large amounts can ruin a hardwood floor because it penetrates into cracks and fills the tables, it is also likely to leave marks and stains visible backlit, so it is useful to make sure that water is dried in quickly.
If there was the need to make other work inside the place where you just put down a wood floor, it is useful to protect the parquet covering it with a thick soft breathable material.

To periodically clean the parquet is useful vacuuming with a soft brush for wood, or use electrostatic wipes.
If there is the need to wash the floor, or revive it, you can use neutral detergents and emulsion protective revitalizing products, as in the product data sheet.
As basic rule, avoid abrasive, acidic, foam, because it could ruin the surface irreparably.

The treaty parquet with oil, once a year should be treated, to hydrate the surface and ensure that it remains protected.

The wood of the finished floors with paint, instead, must be renewed using the polish or wax emulsions, which serve to preserve the lacquer in the pain.
In case the floor was ruined it is particularly useful to consider the intervention of a technical expert for the extraordinary recovery.

pulire il parquet


Guidelines to protect your parquet

Keep perfectly intact your wooden floor and features is easy, just follow some general rules that apply to all types of parquet.

  • Always keep ventilated environment where the parquet has been laid
  • Prevent the parquet remains at temperatures lower than 15 or higher than 22 ° C
  • Keep the environments with a relative temperature of between 45 and 65 %
  • Do not keep covered the parquet for a long time, since this might discolor
  • Do not pour water directly on the floor but use a damp cloth
  • Use products recommended for cleaning by sellers
  • At the entrance, always keep a doormat, and home use mobide slippers
  • Use felt pads for under the chairs to prevent scratches
  • Do not use vapor that could damage parquet

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