The wisdom of experience, the value of quality, the courage to innovate, the uniqueness of personality:

make the green, white and red heart of Florian Parchetti S.p.a. throb and since 1984 have made it a well-known and highly esteemed company for wooden floors, not only in Italy.
Through our differentiated range of parquet flooring we not only contribute to the interior design of homes and buildings, but also have a flair for creating atmospheres.

For many years we has been supplying our flooring to those who have a taste for beauty, who want a quality product and can recognise the importance of something manufactured entirely in Italy with care, passion and skill.
We have always teamed up with renowned architectural studios, the most eclectic and original interior designers, and with all those who consider parquet flooring not just another element making up a room but a determining element in its decor.

Homes with Florian wooden floors have always stood out from the crowd. They mirror the personality of those who live in them and state their concept of a home. For this reason, alongside our traditional lines we have developed special ones to meet the desire to outshine and have something unique that can arouse sensations and emotions.

Since our beginnings we have been inspired by Wright’s architecture, with a close relationship between interior and exterior, applied to buildings or mentality, the result of a well-balanced synthesis of perfection, luxury and simplicity.

Our projects cancel the borders with the exterior in an environment where we can find imagination, intuition and new energy. Our floors assist designers and meet the demand for innovation to create unique environments and atmospheres for modern and future architecture.

Wooden floors make a difference, adding a touch of class which identifies the spirit of those who live in and create an environment. Antique floorboards are also suitable for modern environments where their “warmth” creates a contrast to exalt furniture and styles. The aesthetic aspects have been stabilised over time, a result of the craftsman’s experience and passion for beautiful things, plus the contribution of a tradition that cannot be improvised.