How to choose the Parquet: Our Guide. Florian

Always used to make it more stylish, entire room, the parquet in the recent years it has experienced a strong penetration , both for the aesthetic, which gives it an unquestionable added value to the entire decor, both for the versatility and comfort. We at Florian we want to help you by giving you some indication on how to choose the parquet that is suitable for you. Besides the excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, wood is a material, live and durable; offered in different colors and types, adaptable to any environment. From the living room to the bedroom, not to mention the service areas as the kitchen and bathroom, there is a perfect solution for all. The distinguishing factors are:

  • the material, its structure, the treatment
  • the type of installation
  • the behavior in the time
  • the color

Each of them connects with other elements, such as the housing needs, the characteristics of the environment in which they will be installed in the parquet and economic opportunity. It is good to take note of it at the time of purchase, with a certainty, namely, that personal taste is central. Let’s see what are the materials and colours are the most requested, so as to foster a conscious choice.

how to choose a parquet

Material: such as wood prefer?

No way is universally better, depends on what are the specific needs. These are the possible options: solid hardwood Is the classic flooring, exposed beams, thick at least 12-13 mm (vary in size), with a tongue and groove on the sides. Only once it is laid, it requires all the finishing (oiling, polishing, etc.) therefore, it is not very suitable to the normal assistance, as it must rest for a period no less than 30 days Prefinished or multilayer Is composed of layers with the joints on the hips. Noble wood layer on the surface (often from 2.5 to 5 mm), while the underlying said support and is made with slats of soft wood, usually birch or spruce, to give stability. The work of positioning is faster, after which you may not need further procedures. Industrial Strips with a thickness that ranges from 10 to 22 mm, also the species of wood that are different, are arranged in tiles. Made from waste of other processes and from the parties, the less valuable timber, in the last few years have known a great expansion, as the cost-effective and combines a pleasant design. The laminate in Question actually a “faux parquet”, common especially in areas subject to foot traffic is intense, such as offices, shops and public places. Glues resinous held united wood fibre-high density wood composite) coated with a decorative layer it is very resistant, which perfectly reproduces the look, feel, and nuances of wood. A transparent film overlay, composed of melamine resins and metal oxides, protects the flooring from abrasion and wear. The old parquet from castles, country houses and mountain huts, old wood goes on to form a new wooden floor, for which they get gills thick, 4 or 5 mm, with the bottom of birch wood supported by a sheet of thick around 6-7 mm, the so-called floor. Depending on the target, the positioning can be made using glue or the most classic means such as nailing. Because particularly expensive, it is frequently replaced by parquet flooring antiquebeams new, processed according to traditional methods, which reproduce the imperfections of time or wear and tear.

What colors are most popular for floors

The type of wood corresponds to a certain color. Of course, they are preferable light tones in dimly-lit environments, recalling that the parquet in contact with the light, tends to oxidize, becoming darker or, in the case of teak, the most clear. We can distinguish:

  • Red wood: spruce, american, acacia, cherry, the doussiè, the merbau.
  • Dark woods: wenge.
  • Clear wood: maple (american, european or canadian), beech, ash, larch, oak.
  • Woods bruni: the afrormosia, iroko, walnut, teak, oak.

These characteristics represent the basic elements for the choice of wood, however, we must not overlook other important factors, such as the style of the decor or the location in which the same is to be laid. If you are interested to have a comparison with skilled technicians, please contact us immediately, we will find together the perfect solution for your needs.

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