Laying parquet: Do-It-Yourself Guide

Laying Parquet : instructions before starting work

Before laying the parquet it is recommended to keep the packaging floor in a dry,clean and protected. Open the packaging only at the time of the installation, ensure that in the premises the temperature is at least 15°C and the relative humidity of the air is between 40% and 60% u.r.a., the plan of installation must be protected from ingress of moisture and condensation; dry, with a moisture content that shall not exceed 2% of the weight for screeds of the type of cement normal or fast-drying, 1.7% for heated screeds and 0.5% for slabs of carbon. The humidity control must be made by a carbide hygrometer of calcium before being laid. The laying of parquet is particularly interesting. Can be glued or floating. Or,again, can be nailed. This method assumes a laboriosissima the preparation of the background, punctuated by mangatelli (wooden slats with a cross-section of the dovetail) , with curing times, drying, and a thousand things to ponder carefully.This method assumes the use of boards or planks of adequate thickness (at least 22 mm). The parquet is nailed to the cross, then, tends to move slightly, creaking. For those who don’t like old houses this is substantially a reason of annoyance. The screed must be solid, compact, rigid, flat and clean, without the formation of superficial dust. For laying on the surfaces of ceramic or marble, make a suitable preparation of the same, do not lay on substrates with residues of old glue.

Instructions for laying parquet

Use, if the parquet is to be glued, only adhesive-free water or specific for wood floorings. The adhesive must be free from Acetate Construction, normally present in glues, bi components and vinyl. Light sounds the vacuum is localized in any point of the floor are not a symptom of not occurred adhesion of the timber elements. During the installation mix the timber elements taken from more than one package. Directly apply the glue on the laying surface with a suitable notched trowel, do not glue on the sides, immediately clean any residues or smears of glue with the specific products, let along the perimeter of a suitable space of escape from dimensionarsi as a function of the surface area of the room. In the case of floating installation in addition to the perimeter space to put the expansion joints in the function of the parquet laid. And’ advisable to apply the joints in the vicinity of the division of each room. The installation on subfloor heating/cooling, as well as in environments that are not sufficiently ventilated, it might lead to cracking or swelling of the wood elements. Pay attention to the calibration of the system since the temperature at the surface of the substrate must not exceed 27°C. The wood floors FLORIAN are perfectly suited to be applied on the heating/cooling installation system ideal have proved to be the floors completely glued, or those floating. It is recommended not to use wood species such as maple, beech, siberian larch without knots as they tend easily to the formation of cracks at the end, avoid covering the floor with carpets or other, after laying and after the finish of the floor , and up to the delivery of the same is necessary to guarantee the climatic conditions of 18-22°C and relative air humidity between 40% and 60% u.r.a.. the Possible formation of creti or setolature are allowed. Any stonàlizzaziòni created by the presence of rugs or other objects tend to disappear when the floor is exposed to light. For any information please do not hesitate to contact us

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