Ecological Philosophy

Differently from 99% of building materials, wood is a LIVING substance that continues its life even after installation in our homes. Wood breathes and its range of colours change according to the light or environment in which it is used. The beauty of wood lies in the fact that the shape and pattern of every part of this material is unique and unrepeatable.

Wood absorbs excess air-borne humidity and releases it when the air is dry. This process provides balanced air in the environment where we live. Besides stabilizing humidity, wood breathes and therefore contributes to ventilation; as it is a warm material it brings warmth to a room and when calculating the radiant surface for heating it is not considered extra material to heat. It is also a sound insulator and as it is not a conductor its structure has a positive effect in shielding from electromagnetic fields.

  • WOOD is the only material we can use and replace.
  • Trees for WOOD are re-planted and in tens of years provide new potential for boards.
  • WOOD is cut and taken to sawmills to be cut to size. It does not need any further treatment and/or chemical transformations which make it different from its natural state.
  • WOOD can be recycled and even if it is not re-used it does not pollute the environment.

The environmentally-friendly conscience that has developed in Florian Parchetti is transformed into definite transparent choices. We use wood exclusively from cultivated forests, to contrast a policy of indiscriminate deforestation. The boards are processed in a way that prevents the release of toxic substances such as phenols or formaldehyde which are harmful to our breathing both during processing and once the floor is laid. We also use surface varnishes that are strictly non-toxic. Our floors can truly be enjoyed without the risk of allergies or irritations, a real advantage for those particularly vulnerable, such as children.