Quality according to Florian

For many years Florian Parchetti has adopted a policy of providing customers with clear information by certifying its products with strict laboratory tests performed on work cycles (CATAST), and providing numerous photographs showing not only the main species of wood, but also all the secondary assortment. True quality tests have allowed Florian products to be used in several EU countries, also by traditional Nordic manufacturers who place great store on the overall quality of wooden flooring. The fact that we export to these highly discerning markets is a real acknowledgement of the quality of our products. Recently this commitment has taken on greater proportions, going beyond company bounds. Aware that just the advanced technologies of our production cycle are not enough to guarantee good wooden flooring, in 1996 Florian Parchetti published a practical technical handbook, now in its 3rd edition. This is an important effort for our company and an essential tool for all those in the trade, as it deals in depth with the laying, care and maintenance of wooden floors.

Florian Parchetti quality certificates

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